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Analysis of Electric Power Cold Shrinkable Silicone Tube

  Product description: Electric cold-shrinkable silicone tubes, electric power silicone tubes , and cold-shrinkable silicone tubes are all the same product, and they are called differently in different industries. The product is made of platinum vulcanization system. Its base material is vinyl silicone rubber with high voltage and high temperature resistance. The overall expansion performance is excellent, and some can even reach 5~6 times the inner diameter. However, after the product is extruded and cut, it needs to be set on One cable needs to be expanded before this. After the product is expanded, it is necessary to insert a plastic support bar to pass the cable through and finally pull out the support bar so that it can tightly hug the cable because of the shrinkage of the silica gel. The diameter is larger than the inner diameter of the electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube, so that the silicone can be tightly attached to the mandrel, thereby playing the role of sealing and waterproofing. (The stretching effect of silicone is very good, but it should be noted that the outer diameter of the cable needs to be larger than the inner diameter of the product. If it is too small, it will not fit well, and if it is too large, it will easily lead to faster aging of the silicone)
  Product Features:
1. Electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube belongs to extrusion molding (not injection molding), the production speed is easy to control the inner and outer diameters, and the dimensional tolerance is more precise
2. Silicone is a flexible product with good tensile strength (≥8Mpa) and higher tensile strength than ordinary rubber, PE, and PVC.
3. After strict testing of product tear strength (≥30KN/m), the speed of product rupture caused by external damage can be reduced during work
4. Expansion ratio (≤600%) performance index
  of electric cold shrinkable silicone tube
PlasticityWilliam plasticity 155
Hardness (Shore) Hardness 40°±5°Shoer C
Density (g/cm3 power) Density 1.2±0.1
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥8Mpa
Elongation ≥500%
200% constant elongation change (200%*175°C*8H*30min) ≤9
Dielectric Strength (KV/mm) 23KV/mm
Dielectric constant at 100HZ 3.03
Expansion ratio ≥500%
Temperature range -40~200°C
Tear strength (KN/m) ≥30KN/m
Volume Resistivity (Ω*cm) 1.0*9 (16th power)

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