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Method for determining platinum sulfurized silicone tubing and bis (2,4) sulfurized silicone tubing

Judgment method of platinum vulcanized silicone tube and double 2,4 vulcanized silicone tube
  1. Judgment method of chemical stability (physical properties):
Platinum cured silicone tubing   Double disulfurized silicone tube  
PlasticityWilliam plasticity 190 PlasticityWilliam plasticity 150
Hardness Hardness (ShoreA Shore) 30~75° Hardness (ShoreA Shore) 35~75°
Tensile strength(Mpa) ≥6.8 Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥6Mpa
Elongation EIongation (%) ≥300% Elongation(%) ≥200%
Tearstrength (KN/m) ≥18 Tear strength (KN/m) ≥16
Density (g/cm3 power) 1.2±0.1 Density (g/cm3 power) 1.2±0.1
Temperature range (°C) -40~200 Temperature range (°C) -40~180
Anti-yellowing one year Anti-yellowing one year
Environmental protection level FDA, Biocompatibility, NSF, REACH Environmental protection level REACH、FDA
  2. Application field
Platinum vulcanized silicone tubes can be subjected to secondary sulfur addition, deodorization and sterilization processes, so they are mostly used in food, medical, etc., and can pass multiple tests such as food grade and biocompatibility. In addition, they have high safety performance. Platinum vulcanization is mainly Representative products include: feeding bottle straws , medical diversion tubes, medical silicone tubes , etc. However, the double-two-fourth vulcanized silicone tube will have a slight toxic gas volatilization during the vulcanization process, so most of it is used in industry and light industry. Representative products include: silicone wires, lamp sealing strips, etc.
  3. Test
Platinum vulcanized silicone tube features: high strength, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, can pass FDA, ROHS, REACH, LFGB, and some high-grade platinum silicone tubes can pass ISO10993 biocompatibility, etc. Detection method: platinum AB glue The ratio is 1:1, 130°C*5min*15Mpa
Double 2 tetrasulfurized silicone tube features: fast extrusion speed, odor and harmful volatile gas during production, good electrical performance, can pass ROHS, REACH, FDA tests
Detection method: 50% double two four, adding ratio 1.3%, 130°C*5min*15Mpa
  4. The method of judging the finished product is the smell and burning method.
The platinum vulcanized silicone tube has been sulfurized twice to deodorize the product. It smells like nothing. When it is burned with fire, the smoke is a kind of white smoke and the ashes are white. Double 2-4 vulcanized silicone tube products generally do not undergo secondary sulfur addition because they are worried about yellowing, so the product has a slight smell, and there is also a smell when burned. The smoke is white but the ashes are solid off-white (gray). The combustion diagram of platinum vulcanized silicone tube is as follows


Double 2,4 vulcanized silicone tube products are shown in the figure below:

Platinum vulcanized silicone tube products are shown in the figure below: