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Product Description of Sealed Conductive Silicone Strip

  Sealed conductive silicone strips are divided into three main functions of sealing, conduction and shielding. It uses silica gel as the carrier and conductive agent as the power to perform sealing and shielding functions. It uses the earliest silicone zebra strips to develop into today's conductive silicone strips. The main reason is that the products are richer and more complete, and a single zebra strip can no longer meet the needs. It is under this background that after years of perseverance, we finally discovered that a single product of conductive silicone strips can meet multiple functions.
  So how is the sealed conductive silicone strip formed? First of all, the silicone rubber department (hereinafter referred to as silica gel) needs to use raw materials with high fusion toughness, because a variety of additives need to be added in the later stage. If the toughness is insufficient, it will seriously cause the product to break when it is pulled or the vulcanization is immature. In addition, the silicone strip part Platinum vulcanization is used to make it more stable. For the conductive agent, it is recommended to use four base materials of silver/aluminum/nickel/carbon to make conductive powder. Adding to the raw material of silica gel makes the self-insulating silica gel change into a conductive silica gel strip .
  The electrochemical compatibility of conductive silicone strips is another name for volume resistivity, and it supports the application of electrostatic discharge and corona discharge to control the resistivity between 0.02 and 0.004. The important thing is that the conductive silicone strip can still meet the ROHS requirements and meet the international environmental protection certification after adding a variety of additives. Therefore, it is also a very practical product in terms of practicability, but the disadvantage is that after adding so many auxiliary materials such as conductive agent and vulcanizing agent, the tensile strength of the conductive silicone strip will decrease, and the reason is also because more is added. Additives affect the performance of silica gel products, but it inherits the characteristics of auxiliary materials. For example (adding a conductive agent to silica gel strips can obtain electrical conductivity, and adding a flame retardant to silica gel can obtain flame retardancy)
  Sealed conductive silicone strip Another place that must be described is the sealing strip. We all know that silica gel has very good sealing strips. Silicone strips can be seen in many products, and conductive silicone strips have excellent pressure change properties. It can withstand a certain pressure and can be sealed against dust and water. All products equipped with conductive silicone strips can not only be used indoors, but will not affect the performance of conductive silicone strips even in rainy days outside. From its production process It can be made into a variety of normal shapes such as "mouth shape", "day shape" and "P shape". Not only that, in order to enrich the diversification of silicone products such as conductive silicone strips, we can now accept OEM and ODM. And other process manufacturing.
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