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Backend process for silicone corrugated pipe production

Silicone bellows back-end process: assembly joints, packaging, and boxing are mainly divided into these three categories. Because the products are used on precision instruments and equipment with high requirements, many customers pay more attention to the back-end process.
1. Assembling joints: Silicone corrugated tubes are infinitely long because of the extrusion of silicone rubber, and are mainly used in gas guide and assisted breathing pipes. Try to solve the customer's problems in the product, and pay the bellows joint mold fee at your own expense. The current manufacturing process is molded (or injection) joints, and secondary processing is carried out on the surface of the silicone bellows, making the bellows more beautiful and able to solve customer problems.
2. Packaging: Because the products are mostly used in high-end equipment such as ventilators and anesthesia machines, it is necessary to choose packaging in a clean and sterile environment when packaging. The company has a 100,000-level clean workshop that is sterilized in and out. Processing and packaging in this environment, our customers will also be very relieved, and the risk of dust or bacteria on the surface of the product will be greatly reduced. And the product packaging process can be packaged according to customer requirements, such as one package for one piece, and one package for multiple pieces. At present, our company uses PE bags for packaging by default and supports customized packaging processing.
3. Packing: After the product is packaged, it is packed. There are many details about packing. Many customers have reported that there are cracks and damages when receiving the carton. If a good packing process is not carried out, it will cause many problems. Product, because the silicone bellows is a heavy product in the single weight of silicone products, it is recommended to use 50PSC or 30pcs in a box, and seal the box according to the H type. The most important thing is that the outer box of the silicone bellows must be finely reinforced. , At present, our company provides free reinforcement for customers outside the province, and is worried that the express will damage the outer box in the transportation diagram.
The silicone bellows joint is shown in the figure below:

the back-end process of the silicone bellows: