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Application field of silicone sealing strip

Silicone sealing strip is a special-shaped sealing strip, which basically needs to be molded to realize. It is divided into two major types and four main areas: silicone foam sealing strip and non-foaming silicone sealing strip. The product is a special-shaped product that requires 3D drawings or CAD drawings to open the mold. Multiple shapes and performances can be customized, including B-shape, E-shape, P-shape, Japanese-shape, U-shape, T-shape, etc. on the basis of making shapes It can also customize product performance including high temperature resistant silicone seal strips, flame retardant silicone seal strips, waterproof silicone seal strips, food grade silicone seal strips, etc.
  The main applications in the field of silicone sealing strips are:
1. Industrial equipment sealing applications: the main representative products are: silicone foam sealing strips for coating machines (coating machines are a large-scale industrial machinery with a high temperature of 200~250° in the drying tunnel, so it is necessary to Silica gel to seal the temperature resistance of silica gel -40~300°), oven sealing strip (as the name implies, it is a kind of preventing the hot air flow of the oven to protect the human body from high temperature erosion, and can also aggregate heat to make the oven work more smoothly), and other industrial seals

2. Lamp sealing application: the main products are panel light silicone sealing strip (a secondary processing product extruded and bonded, which mainly plays the role of waterproof and dustproof), wall washer lamp silicone foam sealing strip (stronger waterproof pressure The sealing effect and waterproof level can reach IP67 and above), as well as floodlights, industrial and mining lights and other lighting applications

. It is used to seal the door of the refrigerator to prevent the gas inside the refrigerator from mixing with the outside air), dishwasher silicone sealing strip (mainly used in dishwashers for various purposes such as waterproof, steam, and anti-bacterial) and other small household appliance sealing strips Application

4. Door and window application fields: high-speed rail, automobile door and window silicone sealing strips (can play a variety of effects such as shock absorption, sealing, waterproof, flame retardant), daily life door and window silicone sealing strips (shopping malls, buildings, and residential areas are all used) to sealing, pressure bearing, shock absorption)