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Flame retardant silicone foam strip flame retardant report and product introduction

Flame-retardant silicone foam strips are first manufactured by foaming process. The vulcanization process is divided into platinum vulcanization system (suitable for food, medical and furniture) and double-two-four vulcanization system (suitable for industry and mechanical seals). Most bubble sticks are double-two-four system, which has the advantage of high stability and is suitable for long-term use.
  In the silicone extrusion industry, the general customers need V0-grade silicone foam strips. The company took the samples to SGS to test the samples. At the same time, the authoritative report on flame retardant testing was retrieved. The main reason for the flame retardant and fire prevention of silica gel is that silica gel is an inert material. It is a chemical substance extracted from silicon ore and manufactured through multiple processes in the later stage. In the final analysis, ore chemical molecules are the most stable in the market. One of several materials, in order to prevent the flame retardant and fireproof effect from being not strong enough during the mixing rubber, most extrusion manufacturers will add a silicon-based flame retardant to the mixing rubber to make it flame retardant and fireproof This is the principle of flame retardant silicone foam strips. The principle and characteristics of
  the flame retardant silicone foam strip
: 1. After the flame is applied for 30.5S during the test, it can be extinguished within 2.5S after the fire source is removed.
2. The ashes of the product have no flame and no secondary combustion will occur.
3. After burning, the product will solidify (ceramic) and will not fall for a while.
4. The amount of burning smoke is extremely small and almost invisible, and there is no strong smell.
5. It has zero pollution to the environment. It is extracted from silicon ore and falls After many years in the soil, it will re-polymerize into silicon ore.
Here is the picture of our company's flame retardant and fire prevention test report: