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Introduction to silicone infusion heating pipes and infusion heating devices

The silicone infusion heating tube chooses silica gel as the base material of the product, mainly due to its electric heat resistance, insulation, safety performance and other characteristics. When using the heating tube, it will not change color, will not affect the comfort of the product, and can work stably for a long time , so silica gel can stand out. Traditional infusion tubes in winter or cold areas, the liquid is lower than the normal temperature of the human body, and the infusion discomfort and other complications occur. After using the silicone infusion heating tube, the temperature of the silicone is moderate to the temperature of the human body through electric heating. After the silicone has a temperature, it can It has a good heat preservation effect and then drives the temperature of the liquid in the pipeline so that the temperature of the liquid can reach the temperature required by the human body, and the temperature can be increased or decreased through the centralized control system. In response to the customer's request, Dongguan Yutian started research and development in June last year and has spent a whole year since June. With the full cooperation of the company's R&D department and engineering department, the research and development has been successful.
  The silicone infusion heating tube is divided into four main parts (silica gel, heat conduction wire, sensor, power cord). The main body needs to be completed by the silicone extrusion manufacturer. The four parts need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Silicone
: Generally, warmer colors such as blue and cyan are used. Higher hardness is required in the pipe part because the heat pipe sensor needs to be wrapped. If it is too low, it is easy to find deformation and other conditions (the above is the silicone extrusion process). The plug part of the heating pipe needs to be made of softer silica gel, because it is an irregular silica gel product, and it also involves wrapping many joints between power lines and heat conduction wires. The silica gel will hold the silica gel as tightly as water when it is heated through the high temperature of the mold. All the joints inside the tube are molded at high temperature, and one product can be completed. During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to the exposed joints and need to be fixed by brackets (molding process) 2. Thermal wire: thermal wire We generally
recommend customers to use carbon fiber thermal wire because of its small size High softness, other heat conduction cable products have too high hardness and are not easy to bend, because the silica gel itself will be very soft at high temperature (similar to the state of mud) when the silica gel is extruded to wrap the heat conduction wire. It will cause the silicone surface to be uneven or even cracked.
3. Power cord: It is recommended to use platinum vulcanized silicone power cord (leather cover part). Our company adopts platinum extrusion molding process (no smell, can pass food grade), if the power line bus sleeve is platinum vulcanized silicone tube, it can The head is molded together (reason: the double-two-four vulcanization process and the platinum vulcanization process are mutually exclusive and cannot be bonded together), and the internal sub-power line can use Teflon cables.
4. Sensor: The sensor is plugged in the aperture of the silicone infusion heating tube, which mainly plays the role of monitoring temperature and transmitting information. During the production process, we generally ask customers to buy sensors and send them to us, and we weld and extrude them.

Summary: Silicone infusion heating tube is a very difficult silicone product. Currently, there are only a few manufacturers in the market that can cooperate with the production, because it takes a lot of investment and time to develop this whole set of products.
Silicone infusion heating pipe (not a complete set of products) as shown below: