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Specification and type of silicone sleeve for positively emitting LED neon light strip

   The mainstream products of LED neon strip silicone sleeves are divided into positive lighting sleeves, side lighting silicone sleeves, and curved silicone sleeves. Today I will introduce positive lighting silicone sleeves for neon strips. It is made of double extruder heads Production, while feeding transparent + diffusion raw materials, while adding milky white shading raw materials into the machine head, after the precise extrusion of the mold, during this period, the adjustment personnel need to have a certain degree of awareness, otherwise it will easily lead to chaotic transparent materials at the edge Squeeze it on the same track with the shading material, and it will be a defective product when it comes out. Positive luminescent neon strip silicone casing Our company has successfully developed several sets of conventional products, such as: 10.3*14 (height*width) sets of 10mm board specifications, 10*12 sets of 8mm boards, 15*15 square sets of 10mm boards, 12* 12 square sets of 8mm plates, 20*20 square sets of 12mm plates and other products. There are silicone plugs and silicone buckles and other accessories for the positive-emitting LED neon strip silicone sleeves. The silicone plugs include straight-out plugs and side-out plugs, and the buckles include metal buckles, silicone buckles and other accessories
   . And you can also customize the corrugation of the inner hole, which will facilitate customers to save man-hours and improve production efficiency in the process of threading the board. The silicone sleeve of the neon strip inherits the advantages of the transparent silicone sleeve. It can also wear fiber threads inside, which can avoid The problems encountered by customers in board threading, such as the fact that the product is too long and it is inconvenient to thread the board, etc., so that with the fiber thread, it can be used as a traction line to pull the pcb board through the casing quickly to improve production efficiency.