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What are the post processing procedures for silicone tubing?

   As we all know, silicone tube is a kind of high-quality product with strong adaptability, strong environmental protection performance and no pollution to the environment. It can be used to make very beautiful gifts, it can also be used to transport liquids, and it can also be used for secondary processing. So what are its post-processing procedures?
   1. Adhesive: Since the silicone tube itself is a round tube product, customers generally do not choose adhesive. Then semi-circular silicone tubes, special-shaped silicone strips, foamed silicone sealing strips and other products need adhesive. At present, the adhesive can be Diversified choices such as 3M glue, flame retardant glue, grid glue, cloth glue, etc., but the adhesion between silica gel and double-sided tape is easy to fall off, which requires a silica gel processor to mediate. The current process can realize extrusion while brushing Adhesive on one side of the treatment agent improves production efficiency and prevents the double-sided adhesive from falling off. The main product representatives include: TV shading silicone strips, flat panel light silicone foam sealing strips, and special-shaped sealing strips. (Note: Our company does not produce Double-sided tape can be purchased according to customer requirements, but the model needs to be provided by the customer, otherwise our company defaults to the double-sided tape model).
    2. Cutting: Silicone extruded products can be infinitely long, but many customers need to customize the length, which requires the use of a cutting machine. At present, the mainstream silicone tube cutting process in the market is divided into intelligent automatic cutting (cutting instructions: length ±0.3~0.4 is suitable for large-volume products such as cables such as electric cold-shrinkable silicone tubes , and can be cut while extruding and the production speed is fast) , semi-intelligent cutting (cutting instructions: also known as pneumatic cutting length ±0.2~0.25, mainly for sealing or round tube products such as silicone foam sealing strips for wall washers , suitable for cutting of some sealing products), and manual cutting Cutting (traditional process, cutting length ±0.1~0.2 is more accurate, mainly for industries with higher length requirements, such as silicone foam grips, selfie stick handle grips, etc., slow production efficiency and high product accuracy).
    3. Bonding: It needs to be cut first and then bonded. At present, the bonding mainly includes high-temperature vulcanization bonding and normal temperature processing bonding. The bonding of silica gel and silica gel requires special silica gel glue to bond, and there are few other glues at present. Can be bonded. High-temperature vulcanization bonding requires high-temperature mold extrusion vulcanization bonding. The characteristics of vulcanization bonding are: fast production speed and can be used in a few minutes after bonding. It is suitable for large-scale order bonding. The main representative products are: silicone sealing ring for floodlights, dishwashers Silicone sealing ring/strip and other products. Bonding at room temperature: special glue is required for bonding, just glue the silicone joint with glue and then close it without other operations. The characteristics are: the production speed is slow and it needs to be placed at room temperature for 24H or even longer before it can be used, but the bonding is relatively firm. Exquisite is suitable for bonding products with high aesthetics. The main representative products are: lunch box silicone seal ring/strip, water cup silicone seal ring/strip, etc.
    4. Silk screen printing and pad printing: At present, some patterns or LOGOs of silk screen printing on silicone products are very common in the market. Customers need to provide LOGO, pattern shape and color number (Pantone number), and use ink and other materials to squeeze on silicone tubes, silicone strips and other products. Roll printing on the mold when it comes out, so that the mold with ink is printed on the silicone product, and then heated at a high temperature to dry the ink quickly to avoid ink splashing.
   5. Spraying, radium engraving: At present, our company does not have this equipment and mainly sends out the equipment. It mainly sprays the pattern or shape required by the customer on the surface of the silica gel through a special process. Silicone Hookah Pipe etc. Laser engraving is to engrave exquisitely on the surface of silicone products by engraving machine, but the LOGO or pattern required by customers is printed inside the product and will not fall off over time.

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