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The general manufacturing process of food grade silicone tubing

Food-grade silicone tube is one of the representative products of silicone extrusion, but how is it manufactured? The product generally uses high-quality silicone + vulcanizing agent + color glue + extrusion, etc. The steps are as follows:
1. Material preparation: Silicone extrusion raw materials are distinguished by hardness. For example, a 50° silicone tube needs 50° extrusion raw materials to be made, as well as vulcanizing agent, color glue, and other auxiliary materials.
2. Mixing: also known as rubber training, it is necessary to repeatedly roll the flexible solid raw material through the internal mixer. During this period, it is necessary to add the prepared vulcanizing agent and color glue at an appropriate time, and the addition ratio of the vulcanizing agent is Strictly controlled vulcanizing agent is divided into A agent and B agent, and the color glue addition ratio is also the same. The defined color is based on the Pantone number. Until the flexible solid material changes into a flexible flat shape, it is refined from the original translucent state to the color required by the customer.
3. Vacuuming: After the silicone extrusion raw material changes to a flat state, there will be many air bubbles after careful observation, which will cause wall breakage and air bubbles in food-grade silicone tubes and other silicone extrusion products. So you need to vacuum to avoid this link.
4. Extrusion: Cut the planar raw material into strips, because the silicone extrusion inlet is not big, it needs to pass the threaded pipe to push the silicone raw material forward a little bit, and then pass through the mold mouth (the mold is according to the customer's product According to the structure, if it is a round tube mold, it is round. If it is a special shape, it needs to be extruded by the outer mold and the inner mold to form it) and then immediately bake it in a high-temperature oven (because the silicone raw material is a flexible material, it will collapse after being extruded through the mold. Kink together) Under high temperature baking, the silicone will maintain its original shape and will not cause collapse. Controlling the temperature after entering the drying tunnel and vulcanizing the silicone during this period is also the most important link.

1. Silicone extrusion raw material:

2. Silicone vulcanizing agent:

3. Vacuuming (the rubber training part has been omitted)

4. Extrusion (inlet)

5. Extrusion vulcanization

6. Extrusion molding 7.

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