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Dongguan Yutian (24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition)

      From June 9th to 12th, 2019, top international experts will gather together to lead the new direction of science and technology. The main products of Dongguan Yutian are lighting accessories, such as: LED neon strip silicone sleeve, silicone lampshade, silicone wall washer Sealing strips , LED two-color silicone sleeves, silicone sealing strips for lamps, silicone foam strips, heat conduction sheets and other products have won a series of high praise.
     Guangzhou International Lighting Fair is based in Asia and is about to enter its 24th year. The exhibition will continue to strive to build a global LED and lighting professional exhibition and trade platform. The exhibition covers an area of ​​190,000 square meters, collecting diversified products, including lighting equipment, substrates, lighting applications, and LED technology equipment. With the help of the high-quality platform of the lighting exhibition, Dongguan Yutian demonstrated the company's newly developed products such as LED neon strip silicone sleeves. This series of products was launched in batches after the company's R&D department spent many years and energy. At this exhibition, a large number of Chinese and foreign customers expressed their opinion. The series of products are praised again and again.
     LED neon strip silicone sleeve is also called two-color sleeve or low-voltage light belt silicone sleeve. It is extruded by double molds and double dies. Made of polymer materials, it is environmentally friendly, safe, odorless, high and low temperature resistant, aging resistant, etc. The company can customize the production of two-color silicone sleeves, low-voltage neon light strips, waterproof silicone sleeves, 5050 sleeves, 2835 sleeves, and 3528 sleeves Etc. or Custom Type Sleeves.