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What is the difference between food grade silicone tubing and food grade rubber tubing?

Food grade silicone tube, also known as FDA silicone tube, is the abbreviation of Food and Drug Administration. It is a certificate certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. FDA is an international medical audit authority authorized by the federal government and the Food and Drug Administration of various countries. Therefore, it is called FDA food-grade silicone tube, which is an internationally recognized food - gradesilicone tube a kind of authority. Because it is made of gas-phase silicone raw material through platinum vulcanization process, it can also be called platinum silicone tube and gas-phase silicone tube. If the food-grade silicone tube with double 2-4 vulcanization is used, the effect is not as good as platinum vulcanization. Therefore, most silicone tube manufacturers Platinum vulcanization system will be selected. The performance of food-grade silicone tubes is more stable after being vulcanized with platinum, and the temperature resistance (-40~200°) will not produce any physical effects. Anti-yellowing, anti-UV, and anti-aging are all better than food-grade rubber tubes. Therefore, food-grade silicone tubes are gradually chosen by more manufacturers because food-grade silicone tubes are a highly active adsorption material, which is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and any solvents (strong acids and bases, oily solvents, hydrofluoric acid Except), non-toxic and tasteless, the food-grade silicone tube does not produce odor when burned, and the poison and residue are a kind of non-toxic and harmless white powder, so the post-treatment of silica gel and incineration will not harm the environment. It belongs to the national high-tech and is recognized by more manufacturers and institutions in the world.
Food Grade Rubber HoseIt is subject to the US Federal Drug and Cosmetic Project Title 21 P.177.1550 (FDA), and complies with the USP drug approval (USP 23 Class VI). However, food-grade rubber tubes contain amine nitrites in many rubber materials, such as butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber. Moreover, rubber tubes are particularly serious for environmental pollution and water pollution, because rubber tubes produce serious waste gas pollution during the manufacturing process, especially during plastication, vulcanization, compounding, reclaimed rubber desulfurization and other processes. It contains gas pollutants and particulate pollutants. Gas pollutants include: sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, and various decomposition gases produced by thermal reactions. Therefore, many rubber hose manufacturers cannot reach food grade . Certification of rubber hose . Some manufacturers' boilers have not changed from coal to gas, and the soot pollution caused is also one of them. ​There are also noises such as rubber mixing machines, calenders, vulcanizing machines, ball mills, water mills, and crushing and grinding of reclaimed rubber. It is also a kind of physical torture for production workers, and it also forms physical pollution. If it exceeds 50 decibels, it will Affecting people's normal work, but this is already a thing of the past. As international organizations pay more attention to environmental protection, food, medicine and the public's attention to the rubber market, such as APAE (TPE) FKM, NBR, EPDM, CR,​all Can meet FDA, ROHS requirements​.
To sum up the above 2 points, it is recommended to use food-grade silicone tubes , but since food-grade rubber tubes can exist in the market, they must have their advantages. ​Dongguan
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Dongguan Yutian uses two production processes of silicone rubber extrusion and molding. The extruded products include food grade silicone tube, food grade silicone rubber tube, gas phase silicone tube, led silicone sleeve, foam strip, foam tube, braided tube Wait, the molded products are mainly various display screen sealing rings, our company mainly produces silicone rubber products, but food-grade silicone tubes ,Products such as food-grade rubber tubes belong to the extrusion process, and foamed silicone pads and foamed silicone sheets belong to the molding process products.