Silicone tube

Silicone heat dissipation tube
  • Silicone heat dissipation tube
  • Silicone heat dissipation tube
  • Silicone heat dissipation tube

Silicone heat dissipation tube

Dongguan Yutian has over 28 years of production management experience and only provides customers with high-quality silicone heat dissipation pipes. Silicone heat dissipation pipes are a relatively niche product that most customers rarely come into contact with or hear about. They have excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly evaporate heat in high temperature environments, promoting air circulation inside the pipes!

Product Features

Products are widely used in high temperature machinery, electronic heat dissipation and other pipes

Platinum extrusion molding, continuous production capacity fast

Customize product size and cross-section according to the use part and design requirements

Can achieve excellent heat dissipation, waterproof, sealing, shock absorption and other requirements

Strong applicability, thermal conductivity can reach 1W/mk

Good heat dissipation performance, can quickly volatilize hot air

product description

Silicone cooling tube is a type of silicone tube that has most of the characteristics of the silicone tube and can have the characteristics of heat volatilization. The production process and the production process of the silicone tube have always been able to customize the production section according to the demand, which can achieve sealing, waterproof, shock absorption, temperature resistance, etc. Functional requirements, the reason why it is called a silicone heat sink is because its heat dissipation function is relatively excellent, and it can be similar to the heat conduction silicone sheet, and can volatilize heat through its characteristics, but after changing the existing characteristics of the silicone, its density, tear strength, The tensile properties will change, and the thermal conductivity will be magnified many times to reach a thermal conductivity of 1W/mk. It can also achieve international environmental protection and will not affect the environment. However, the silicone heat sink is extruded and the thermally conductive silicone sheet is calendered. There is a big difference in the appearance of the two, and their functions are similar. Not only that, the heat dissipation silicone also has an insulating function.


Business advantage

  • Self-produced silicone raw materials

  • Self-produced silicone accessories

  • First-class R&D team

  • Efficient Engineering Team

  • ISO quality management certification

Accept a large number of OEM and ODM orders

  • custom size

  • color customization

  • performance customization

  • Wide application: heat pipe sheath pipe, CUP heat pipe, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be sprayed, screen printed, laser engraved, transferred


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