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1-5W/m.k thermal conductive silicone rubber
  • 1-5W/m.k thermal conductive silicone rubber
  • 1-5W/m.k thermal conductive silicone rubber
  • 1-5W/m.k thermal conductive silicone rubber

1-5W/m.k thermal conductive silicone rubber

Thermal conductive silicone rubber is a composite made of silicone rubber as the base material and various thermal conductive materials such as metal oxides. The main forming process is rolling, and the principle is that it is a thermal conductive medium material. Therefore, it is widely used in LED lighting, communication, home appliances, CPUs, integrated circuits, and other fields. Thermal conductive silicone rubber has the advantages of traditional silicone, especially in thermal conductivity.

Product Features

The heat-conducting silicone skin has high viscosity, and it is not easy to fall off during work.

Does not dry out or crack, and will replenish humidity through air permeability during the long-term heat dissipation process

Adhesive is supported, if special parts are used, it can be bonded with adhesive

It has slight fluidity and can effectively fill the gap to achieve a certain sealing performance

Excellent high and low temperature resistance, suitable for use in various environments

It has insulating properties and is suitable for use in various electronic circuit equipment

product description

Thermally conductive silicone skin can transfer heat from the heat-generating part to the heat-dissipating part for heat dissipation. In addition, it also has many functions such as insulation, shock absorption, and waterproof, because the current CPU, lighting appliances, integrated circuits and other products have too much power and are easy to It causes the product to heat up, and once the temperature is too high, it will damage the product components, and the heat-conducting silicone skin is born for this reason, which can volatilize these heat-generating components to the outside world through its own characteristics, or transfer heat to the heat-dissipating parts. The role of the heat transfer medium. Because the thermal conductive silicone skin is relatively soft and not resistant to dirt, it will be wrapped with a layer of PE film during production. In addition, it can also support die-cutting into various shapes to meet the different needs of different customers. The average conductivity ranges from 1 to 5W/mk. The thermally conductive silicone skin that can cause different products to be regarded as the same will also have slight differences.


  • Wide application: all kinds of CPU, automotive electronics, LED lighting, home appliances, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be die-cut, screen-printed, adhesive, and filmed

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