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High transparency silicone sheet
  • High transparency silicone sheet
  • High transparency silicone sheet
  • High transparency silicone sheet

High transparency silicone sheet

High transparency silicon film is produced using pure vapor phase adhesive combined with high-quality auxiliary materials. Due to the use environment mainly in industries, daily necessities, etc., the product requirements are relatively strict and must comply with FDA, LFGB, Linben 17P, etc. through third-party testing agencies. When in contact with the human body, there should be no volatile substances to ensure product safety.

Product Features

High transparency, suitable for daily necessities and sealing industry;

High light transmittance, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly

The silicone material has passed the biocompatibility test report

Vulcanization molding has excellent elasticity and comfort

No yellowing, no frosting, no whitening, no fading when placed at room temperature

Environmental protection products save waste recycling costs

product description

High-transparency silica gel sheets must be strictly controlled from material selection to vulcanization to production. First, the silica gel raw materials are floating in the upper part by precipitation method. It comes from ultra-high-quality raw materials. If the middle and lower parts of the precipitation method are used, the surface will be foggy and the transparency will be reduced accordingly. The auxiliary materials must meet the requirements of the FDA before they can be added for production. After production, in order to ensure that the product can be effectively used in the industry, the producer will slow down the speed of the vulcanization oven to make the vulcanization more comprehensive and less likely to cause cracks, bubbles, etc., and can also use the high temperature effect of the oven to eliminate the wrapped in Some bacteria on the surface reduce the pressure for the subsequent process. High-transparency silicone sheets belong to the auxiliary material series in the medical industry, such as electric heating silicone sheets, ECG cable stickers, etc. These high-transparency silicone sheets need to contact the human body and must be obtained from the source. control.


Business advantage

  • Self-produced silicone raw materials

  • Self-produced silicone accessories

  • First-class R&D team

  • Efficient Engineering Team

  • ISO quality management certification


  • Wide application: heating silicone patch, ECG terminal patch, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be sprayed, screen printed, laser engraved, transferred


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