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Mesh Foamed Silicon Film
  • Mesh Foamed Silicon Film
  • Mesh Foamed Silicon Film
  • Mesh Foamed Silicon Film

Mesh Foamed Silicon Film

Reticulated foam silicon film refers to the process of rolling on the surface, which uses special methods to print regular and shaped patterns on the surface, forming some uneven planes. The advantage of doing so is that it can increase surface stability and friction, and also enhance aesthetics and product competitiveness.

Product Features

The thickness of the product can be selected from 0.8mm to 15mm.

Superior performance, strong foaming density, rejecting the occurrence of foaming pore size

It has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of environments, and also supports die-cutting in various shapes

.Anti-aging, with higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;

Product width from 300~500mm length can be produced on demand

There are many options for surface treatment, such as textured surface, pockmarked surface, matte surface, etc.

Wrapping with PE mold release film has both support and flexibility

product description

There are some direct differences in the appearance of reticulated foamed silica gel sheets and other specifications of foamed sheets. It can be seen at a glance that there are various textures on the surface, which can be made within the range of 0.8mm~15mm, and most products have The foam density is controlled within the range of 0.4~0.55. The hardness is between 25~40°, so that the comfort of the product will not be reduced due to the foam density (customizable depending on the customer's use environment), and the texture Foam silicone sheet is also made of platinum vulcanizing agent + silica gel foaming agent using low-temperature vulcanization process, which is one of the more special vulcanization methods. After the finished product, the product is not easy to break and can withstand high temperatures of -40~200°. Most of the textured foam silica gel Sheets are used in die-cutting and home furnishing industries, some are used in floor mats, others are used in water coasters and so on.

Undertake a large number of OEM and ODM orders for foamed silicone sheets

  • custom size

  • color customization

  • performance customization

Silicone also has these properties

  • Low temperature resistance -40--60 degrees
  • High temperature resistance 200-300 degrees
  • Wear-resistant
  • Aging resistance
  • Tear resistance and high resilience
  • anti-static
  • Ozone resistant
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • flame retardant
  • conductive
  • Anti-UV
  • Thermal insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption
  • Main application: Die-cutting, adhesive, household industry, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be sprayed, screen printed, laser engraved, transferred


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