LED light strip silicone sleeve

D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve
  • D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve
  • D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve
  • D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve
  • D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve

D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve

The D-shaped LED neon light strip silicone sleeve currently has three types: a set of 5mmpcb board, a set of 8mmpcb board, and a set of 10mmpcb board. Each type is divided into inner hole corrugated and non corrugated shapes. After lighting up, the lighting area is much wider than that of conventional neon light strip silicone sleeves, and diffusion agents are added during the production process to make the light more uniform and reduce energy consumption.

Product Features

A variety of sizes and specifications provide reference, and support calls to take samples

The whole set of products is added with diffusing agent, and the uniformity of light emission is more excellent

The height is sufficient without affecting the luminescence, no dark areas and no light spots

The lighting area is larger and it is equipped with threading, which makes it easier to thread the board

Can withstand high temperature for a long time and maintain effective heat transfer effect

The product is added with anti-yellowing agent, which has better anti-yellowing performance.

product description

The D-shaped luminous LED neon light strip silicone sleeve refers to a semi-circular light-emitting, and this type of neon light strip silicone sleeve can reach a range of 180° after being lit, which is brighter than the traditional LED silicone sleeve. The area is larger, and the luminous quality will increase several grades after adding diffusing powder. You can use strong and effective post-processing methods such as adhesive backing in a variety of rings. In terms of product quality, the D-shaped LED neon strip silicone sleeve is made of 100% pure gas-phase silica gel, and many characteristics such as light transmittance, anti-yellowing, and softness will be more perfect. The service life without yellowing will also be improved a lot. After the product is penetrated into the PCB, it can be filled and sealed and can be used outdoors and underwater. Of course, these need to be used with plugs. After the product is lit, each model The products have been specially treated and the lamp beads cannot be seen from the front. This also adds to the overall ornamental value of the silicone sleeve of the LED neon light strip, making it more competitive in the market. In addition, due to the flexibility of silicone, etc. Features can be suitable for various shapes in multi-angle and various bending slots. Even very complex shapes of silica gel can be used normally without cracking or turning white, while other materials often reach less than.


Business advantage

  • Self-produced silicone raw materials

  • Self-produced silicone accessories

  • First-class R&D team

  • Efficient Engineering Team

  • ISO quality management certification

Accept a large number of OEM and ODM orders

  • Neon strip silicone sleeve size customization

  • Neon strip silicone sleeve color customization

  • Neon strip silicone sleeve performance customization

  • Main applications: LED flexible light strip industry, photoelectric lighting field, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • The product has been tested by SGS and complies with REACH

    Passed ROHS, FDA standards


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