Chairman's speech


In recent years, the growth of Yutian has strengthened our faith, affirmed our business approach, and brought us greater confidence. However, the pressures of market competition, overcapacity, resource environment, and talent shortage make us feel more like walking on thin ice. Sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat. "Yutian" people must have greater courage and confidence to cope with subsequent development and growth.

Faced with the fact that "elephant" level enterprises in the industry are far more abundant in resources such as funds, technology, talent, and social relations than us, how can Yutian break through the encirclement? How to sustain good and fast development? This is the market environment that we cannot avoid and the reality pattern that we must face. Based on this current situation, we must create our own competitive advantage and find the right path for our development. Through our exploration and summary of silicone rubber additives (such as vulcanizing agents, colorants, surface treatment agents, inks, etc.), silicone rubber products (molded parts, extruded rubber tubes, calendered films, calendered rubber plates, guide silicone films, etc.), and silicone rubber compound formulas and processes over the past decade, "continuous innovation, identifying differentiation" is a development path suitable for us.

As the leader of Yutian, we consciously adhere to the values of "kindness, integrity, and diligence", firmly adhere to the belief of "never giving up", adhere to the concept of "continuous innovation", deeply cultivate the organic silicon industry, focus on the application field of silicone rubber, and accumulate progress to create greater brilliance for Yutian.