Dongguan Yutian Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2012. It is a new company established by the relocation of the silicone tube business department of Dongguan Huahong Rubber and Plastic Materials Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Guilin Yutian New Material Co., Ltd. The company is also an affiliated enterprise. During the years of establishment, the company has a group of motivated staff who have created a good working atmosphere.
  The company's products include: transparent silicone tube, drainage and developing silicone tube, silicone braided tube, foamed silicone tube, peristaltic pump silicone tube, silicone sealing strip, electric cold shrinkable tube, LED neon light strip silicone sleeve, special silicone rubber products, etc. More than 800 products species. Widely used in electronic appliances, baby products, machinery, electricity, automobiles, construction, communications, office, family and other fields. The products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, with stable quality and reliable performance, and have formed the brand effect of "Yutian".
  The company has a good reputation in the silicone products industry, and the silicone products industry is worthy of company and personal development. Yutian Company pays attention to humanistic construction (summer benefits, team activities, personal favors), so that every staff member who enters Yutian Company will let you experience the taste of home, go to work happily, and leave work comfortably.


Company benefits:
  1. Relevant job allowances and subsidies provided by the company;
  2. Free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and water heaters are provided in the dormitory;
  2. Seniority awards are enjoyed by the company after working for more than one year;
  3. The company organizes annual tourism, Training, development and other activities;
  4. The company organizes hotel dinners during festive seasons, and there is a lottery at the end of the year. Salaries are paid on time every month, and year-end bonuses are paid on time at the end of the year.

1. Silicone rubber extrusion R&D staff (male (23-35 years old): 1 person)
  responsible for silicone rubber extrusion product research and development, technical guidance,
  chemical engineering and other related majors with a bachelor’s degree or above. Monthly
  salary starts from 4,000 yuan (negotiable).

2. Silicone extrusion engineering assistant
  Responsible for assisting the engineering supervisor, able to CAD drawing, mold design, monthly
  salary from 3000 (negotiable).

3. Domestic and foreign trade salespersons (male and female (18-40) years old: 10 people)
  Domestic trade: Those with work experience will have priority. Basic salary 2010+5% commission
  Foreign trade: 2-3 years of foreign trade experience, college degree or above Basic salary 3000 +3% commission

4. 2-3 network salespersons aged 20-40
  Job requirements:
  1. We sincerely invite experienced friends to join our company in the silicone rubber raw material and product industry, with more than 1 year of industry work experience is preferred.
  2. Proficiency in computer operation, familiarity with network applications, strong network promotion and information collection capabilities, such as familiarity with B2B network e-commerce platforms, ability to find customer resources through e-commerce and network platforms, strong customer development capabilities, and good at mining Potential needs of customers, able to handle customer relations very well.
  3. Salary negotiable

5. 10-20 silicone extruder captains and technicians
  with more than 1 year experience in silicone extrusion
  Salary 4000-6000 yuan
Work address: No. 9, Jinlang 2nd Street, Diaolang Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City Contact number: Mr. Cai 13711897381