• Silicone tube
  • Preferred silicone hose
  • Silicone corrugated pipe
  • Peristaltic pump silicone hose
  • Silicone straw
  • Silicone braided tube
  • Communication/power shrink tubing
  • Foamed silicone hose
  • Silicone sealing strip
  • LED light strip silicone sleeve
  • Silicone rubber sealing ring
  • Bicycle handle cover/strap
  • Industrial special silicone rubber products
  • Silicone sheets and miscellaneous parts

Industry Applications


A manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales
  • Advanced laboratory
  • A professional team
  • Patent certificate
  • Silicone integration
  • R&D and engineering teams
  • 100000 level clean workshop

The company introduces advanced experimental testing equipment from both domestic and international sources to ensure the quality requirements of every customer's order.


More than 200 senior silicone staff adhere to the principle of "reputation first, customer first" to address all customer concerns before and after sales.


The company has 38 utility patents for new products and 23 authoritative product certifications


The three factories under the "Yutian" brand have achieved one-stop service in the industry, from silicone raw materials to silicone accessories and then to silicone products.


The company has trained a group of over 10 R&D and engineering teams, covering product design, project initiation, R&D, and process control, as well as process optimization to address customer personalized customization needs


We have a production area of over 5000 square meters, a 100000 level clean workshop of 600 square meters, 12 silicone tube extrusion production lines, and a production management team of over 100 people to meet your large order needs.

  • Guilin Yutian
  • Dongguan Huahong
  • Dongguan Yutian

The company is located in the National High tech Development Zone - Guilin High tech Development Zone, next to Guimo Avenue, the golden tourism channel of Guilin. Covering an area of 28000 square meters, with a construction area of 19000 square meters, the garden style factory area is surrounded by osmanthus trees, and the environment is beautiful. Basketball and badminton sports activities, writing, painting, and cultural and artistic activities are all equipped.

Since its establishment, "Yutian" has adhered to the values of "benevolence, integrity, and diligence", and is determined to create a famous and high-quality "Yutian" brand. It has always regarded product quality as the foundation of its business and product innovation as the foundation of its development. The company has purchased advanced production equipment such as internal mixer, filter rubber machine, planetary mixer, extruder, multi roll calender, composite rubber pipe automatic line, etc. The technical testing center is equipped with precision equipment such as computer vulcanization tester, electronic tensile tester, high and low temperature aging tester, horizontal and vertical combustion tester, ultraviolet line aging tester, leakage and marking tester, etc

Dongguan Huahong Rubber and Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. With the help of advanced technology from Hong Kong and abroad, we have collaborated with multiple research institutions and renowned universities to continuously carry out product research and service innovation. The production base in Dongguan mainly develops and produces silicone additives and silicone products. The silicone additives mainly include: silicone rubber blend, fluorine rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone rubber special vulcanizing agent, color paste, color paste, ink, surface treatment agent, and adhesive; Silicone products mainly include: food grade silicone hose, daily grade silicone hose, silicone foam hose, automotive silicone (fluorine) hose, thermal conductive silicone, silicone sheet and other series of products; The product has passed FDA testing in the United States and LFGB testing in Germany, meeting ROHS standards.

Dongguan Yutian Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2012. It is a new company established by the relocation of the Silicone Tube Division of Dongguan Huahong Rubber and Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. It is an affiliated enterprise with Hong Kong Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Guilin Yutian New Materials Co., Ltd.

Our company's products include over 800 varieties, including silicone tubes, silicone hoses, food grade silicone tubes, daily silicone tubes, colored silicone tubes, peristaltic pump silicone hoses, silicone woven tubes, silicone sealing strips, and foam silicone tubes. Widely used in various fields such as electronic appliances, baby and child products, daily necessities, electricity, automobiles, construction, aviation, communication, office, home, etc. The products are exported to 30 regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, with stable quality and reliable performance, forming the "Yutian" brand effect.

Guilin Yutian
Dongguan Huahong
Dongguan Yutian


Quality section strict quality, Yutian people insist on providing customers with high quality silicone rubber products

Quality section strict quality, Yutian people insist on providing customers with high quality silicone rubber products

Dongguan Yutian has been established in the field of silicone rubber extrusion for many years, and has established a good brand effect during the period of providing customers with high-quality silicone products, which naturally cannot be separated from our quality engineers. It is their unknown years of persistence that let us Yu Tian people have their own unique advantages in this competitive environment, just to let us silicone tube, silicone strip and other extrusion products have perfect quality they pay we can not forget.