Silicone braided tube

Braided silicone tube
  • Braided silicone tube
  • Braided silicone tube
  • Braided silicone tube

Braided silicone tube

Braided silicone tube, flexible and durable, with excellent elasticity and anti-aging properties. Its unique weaving process not only enhances the strength of the pipeline, but also makes it more beautiful and generous. Whether used for industrial plumbing or home decor, woven silicone tubes are perfect for the job. It easily responds to a variety of complex environments, bringing convenience and comfort to your life and work. Choose woven silicone tube, choose quality and trust.

Product Features

Braided silicone tube products feature a combination of flexibility and high strength, which can easily cope with a variety of bending and stretching needs. Its excellent anti-aging performance ensures that long-term use is not easy to age, at the same time, excellent sealing performance effectively prevents liquid or gas leakage. Braided silicone tubes also have excellent resistance to high and low temperatures and are suitable for a variety of complex environments, making them your trusted choice.

product description

Braided silicone tube is a high performance pipe product that stands out for its unique braided process and high quality silicone material. It has excellent flexibility and elasticity, can easily cope with a variety of bending and stretching needs, easy installation and use. At the same time, the braided silicone tube also has excellent high and low temperature resistance, whether it is cold or high temperature environment, it can maintain stable performance. In addition, it also has good sealing and anti-aging properties, ensuring that long-term use is not easy to age and leak. Woven silicone pipe is not only beautiful, but also durable and reliable, suitable for a variety of industrial, home and medical fields, is your ideal pipe choice.


product specification

brand model Inner diameter A(mm) Outer diameter B(mm) Wall thickness C(mm)  Burst pressure (KG)   Bending radius (mm) 
Yutian HJBX-001 3±0.5 8±0.5 2.5 ≥38      35
Yutian HJBX-002 4±0.5 9±0.5 2.5 ≥38      35
Yutian HJBX-003 5±0.5 11±0.5 3 ≥38      35
Yutian HJBX-004 6.35±0.5 12±0.5 2.825 ≥35      35
Yutian HJBX-005 7.93±0.5 15±0.5 3.535 ≥35      50
Yutian HJBX-006 9.52±0.5 17±0.5 3.74 ≥35      50
Yutian HJBX-007 12.7±0.7 22±0.7 4.65 ≥25      70
Yutian HJBX-008 15.87±0.7 25±0.7 4.565 ≥23      80
Yutian HJBX-009 19.05±0.7 31±0.7 5.975 ≥18      110
Yutian HJBX-010 25.4±0.7 38±0.7 6.3 ≥12      150
Yutian HJBX-011 31.75±0.7 46±0.7 7.125 ≥12      200

Business advantage

  • Self-produced silicone raw materials

  • Self-produced silicone accessories

  • First-class R&D team

  • Efficient Engineering Team

  • ISO quality management certification

Accept a large number of OEM and ODM orders

  • custom size

  • color customization

  • performance customization

Silicone also has these properties

  • Low temperature resistance -40--60 degrees
  • High temperature resistance 200-300 degrees
  • Wear-resistant
  • Aging resistance
  • Tear resistance and high resilience
  • anti-static
  • Ozone resistant
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • flame retardant
  • conductive
  • Anti-UV
  • Thermal insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption
  • Widely used: silicone braided tube for oxygen generator, anti-pressure silicone tube, drainage tube for coffee machine, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be sprayed, screen printed, laser engraved, transferred

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