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How to confirm the material of silicone hose?

  How to confirm the material of silicone tube?
  I found that some people who don't know much about the silicone industry can't confirm whether the material is silicone, rubber, PVC, PU or other after getting the pipe. Now more and more industries, more and more people choose silicone material, Silicone tubes are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, food-grade, and weather-resistant. They are widely used in electronic appliances, baby products, medical care, electric power, automobiles, construction, aviation, communications, office, family and other fields.
  Back to the topic, the method to confirm the silicone material is as follows:
Method 2: Burning, which is also the simplest method, the burning smoke is white and odorless, and the residue is white powdery particles.