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The 12th Shanghai International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition in 2019

  The electric power exhibition is launched in the face of many countries and regions in the world. The participating products, enterprises, and audiences are all outstanding in the industry. According to the official data of the electric power exhibition, there are 1,000+ high-quality well-known enterprise exhibitors and 35,000+ industry veterans. The audience and exhibition area are as high as 55,000+ square meters. Our company has participated in the power equipment and technology exhibition for many years so far. From last year's Beijing Electric Power Exhibition to this year's Shanghai Electric Power Exhibition, the company has been presenting new products and new concepts. The products exhibited this year are no exception. Some high-quality products, such as: silicone busbar, silicone stress tube, communication tube, insulating self-adhesive tape, etc.

  The products of the power equipment and technology exhibition range from power terminal accessories to power transmission and distribution equipment to industrial power equipment. In addition, there are 30 expert lectures and training sessions. The representative products exhibited include some industrial power generation equipment, Power control system equipment, building electrical and electromechanical devices, etc. Representative companies participating in the exhibition include: 360 Technology, Huawei, XJ Group, XCMG, and NARI Group. There are also some state-owned enterprises: China Electricity Council, Yueqing Power Transmission and Distribution Association, A series of large well-known enterprises and units such as Baoding Power Transmission and Distribution Association, Shandong Electric Engineering, China Southern Power Grid, and State Grid.
Exhibitor Navigation Map of Hall N3 of Shanghai Electric Power Exhibition