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Why is there a huge difference in the quotation of silicone hoses from each factory? How should we choose (Part 1)?

  Choosing the right silicone tube for customers is a comprehensive choice that needs to be understood from many aspects. The premise is that the silicone tube must meet the customer's requirements no matter what the quotation is. Only when your silicone tube sample is qualified can you have a chance, otherwise even if your quotation is low Products that cannot meet the requirements will not be selected by customers. Customers must purchase silicone tubes based on their own needs and then choose suppliers.
  The main reasons for the price difference of silicone tubes are:
1. Customers do not know enough about the performance of silicone tube products: why do you say that? For example, once the temperature resistance range of silicone tubes (-40~200°) exceeds 100°, some customers think that high temperature resistant materials must be used, so many customers think that It is necessary to use high-temperature-resistant silicone tubes to meet the demand, but in fact, ordinary industrial-grade silicone tubes can meet the demand, and suppliers often quote prices to customers based on high-temperature-resistant silicone tubes, which is because the two are communicating It is not a natural display of product quotation differentiation at all. Even if it is a silicone tube, it will be divided into gas-phase rubber silicone tube and ordinary rubber silicone tube, which can affect the quotation.
2. Differences in the quality of silicone tubes: This is about silicone raw materials. If you buy raw materials from big brands to make silicone tubes and buy raw materials from small brands to make silicone tubes, there will be price differences between the two, which will lead to a decline in the quality of the product itself. affect the customer's reputation. Quality control of finished products of silicone tubes; in order to save costs, some companies often do not set up a quality department in their workshops and only scan the products a little, which will greatly increase the defective rate of products and seriously affect customers.
3. Bad competition among peers: There will be competition in any industry. If it develops from benign to bad competition, it will only harm the interests of customers. Some companies will often lower their profits in the early stage when quoting, just to improve the relationship between customers and suppliers. cooperation rate among them. Once the customer and the supplier have formally agreed to cooperate for a period of time, the supplier will often adjust the price every now and then, because they know that once the customer chooses the supplier, they will not change.
  Personally, I suggest that customers should calmly analyze when faced with a big difference in the price of silicone tubes. At present, in the era of big data, everything is based on data. Silicone tubes can be selected in combination with company requirements, product requirements, and after-sales requirements. With low prices, no after-sales service, and no brainless high-priced products, you should listen to which product is more suitable for you between the two, and then decide whether to choose according to the comprehensive evaluation. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone tubes