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What hardness is suitable for the silicone sleeve of the charging cable?

  Why do you choose a hardness of 30~40°A for the silicone sleeve as a protective sleeve? First of all, the charging cable should not be too hard, it needs to be very soft and it must not be torn. If the hardness of the silicone sleeve of the charging cable is too high, it will cause insufficient magnetic suction and cannot be formed, because the silicone sleeve has soft support. The higher the hardness, the support The stronger the force is, once the support force of the silicone sleeve is too high, it will lead to the difficulty of molding. Therefore, manufacturers who use silicone sleeves for charging cables will choose a low hardness as a leather sleeve.
  The advantages of low-hardness charging cable silicone sleeves lie in the characteristics of "softness" and "no support". Silicone is a solid-state molding product with a density of about 1.2 and a 30° rubber material for production to achieve very good softness. You can It can be restored to its original shape by pinching and rubbing, so there is no need to worry about the deformation of the silicone sleeve in daily use. This is one of the advantages brought by the low-hardness silicone sleeve. The other is that the support force of the silicone sleeve will also occur in a lower hardness environment. Change (the higher the hardness, the more supportive the silicone will become, and the hardness of the silicone is closely related to the support), so that the magnet will easily bend the silicone sleeve through suction, or perform other shapes. So why not choose a hardness above 40°A? Since the field of charging cables requires the product to be soft as a whole, if the hardness of the silicone sleeve is too high, it is not easy to bend and set, and the magnet cannot use its own suction to absorb the silicone sleeve that rebounds outward. The above reasons are why you should choose low hardness. The reason for the silicone case.
  In addition to the low hardness of the charging cable silicone sleeve, it is necessary to choose pockmarked surface or spray oil as much as possible. The silicone itself has an electrostatic factor and will absorb impurities floating in the air. This low-hardness silicone sleeve is directly facing the user. One of the products, so it needs to be dust-proof, so you can’t just look at the dirty product, so the pockmarked surface technology came out. The pockmarked low-hardness charging cable silicone sleeve, which was born through special silica gel and precision production technology, can not only insulate The electrostatic factor of silica gel can also play a comfortable role in killing two birds with one stone.
  So can the hardness of the silicone sleeve of the charging cable be further reduced? The answer is yes. There are many kinds of silica gel production processes. At present, the extrusion industry is suitable for the field of data lines, and the hardness of extruded silicone sleeves depends on the hardness of the silicone raw materials. The hardness of each raw material is different and the hardness of the silicone sleeves is different. The comfort level will also change. At present, the hardness of the protective cover of ordinary rubber is almost 40°A, which is more suitable for the protective cover of the charging cable. Once the ordinary rubber is forced to be used below 40°A, the product will melt and become numb. , out of control and many other situations occur. The hardness of the other kind of silica gel case that uses gas-phase rubber as the base material to produce the charging cable will drop to 30A, because the bonding factor of gas-phase rubber is particularly stable and it is not easy to melt again, so the hardness of gas-phase rubber silicone case is less than ordinary Rubber silicone sleeve, so in the field of charging lines, gas-phase adhesive is usually used as the first choice for the protective sleeve.

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