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How thick is the wall thickness of thick walled silicone tubing?

  Thick-walled silicone tubes are generally called busbar tubes in the power communication industry, one is its common name and the other is its scientific name, both of which refer to a product. It plays the role of wrapping and insulation in the power communication industry. At present, the standard products have been roughly divided into 3 specifications and sizes, including the wall thickness of the product. The product needs to be expanded and inserted with a copper rod. One of them is 11mm wall thickness, which needs to meet the size requirement of ≥32mm after expansion. At present, this kind of wall thickness products are the most common and widely used in the market. Its size specification is 29mm inner diameter, 11mm wall thickness, suitable for 32mm copper rods , the wall thickness of this product is the thinnest among all thick-walled silicone tubes. Another thick-walled silicone tube is suitable for 19mm copper rods. The 14mm wall thickness of the product is currently the thickest one in our company (there are thicker ones in the market). The 14mm product has better expansion performance due to its thicker wall thickness. It is slightly worse than 11mm, but it is better than it in terms of electric breakdown resistance. Its specifications are 21mm inner diameter and 14mm wall thickness, which are suitable for 19mm copper rods.
  There are other products with thicker wall thickness in the power communication market, but the thickest wall thickness our company has encountered in the market is 14mm, and the wall thickness of other products is relatively unpopular. Thick-walled silicone tubes are generally cool gray, and the wall thickness is between 10 and 20, which will not exceed the value. There is a reason for such a thick wall thickness, because the wall-thick silicone tube is generally used in power cables and output voltage transformers. Working in medium, its electrical breakdown strength is very high. If you use a product with a conventional wall thickness, it will easily cause the product to be unable to withstand a huge electrical breakdown and be damaged and unable to work.
Physical map of thick-walled silicone tube products:

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