Silicone corrugated pipe

Adult silicone respiratory circuit
  • Adult silicone respiratory circuit
  • Adult silicone respiratory circuit
  • Adult silicone respiratory circuit

Adult silicone respiratory circuit

Dongguan Yutian has over 28 years of production management experience and only provides customers with high-quality adult silicone breathing circuits. In principle, adult silicone breathing circuits and silicone corrugated pipes refer to the same product as pipelines for conveying gas. However, silicone breathing circuits are sold in sets, including many accessories. These products are generally suitable for adult social groups

Product Features

The pipe part can be bent arbitrarily, and it will not be deformed after being folded in half

Using imported silicone rubber raw materials, platinum vulcanization is odorless

The chemical properties of the product are stable and can withstand weak acid and alkali

The material has been tested for biocompatibility, cytotoxicity, NSF, etc.

Excellent transparency, tear strength, yellowing resistance

Water resistance, good air permeability, heat aging resistance and weather resistance

product description

The silicone breathing circuit for adults is just one of them. In fact, there are two types of silicone breathing circuits for adults. The current one is 12*21 (inner tube*outer tube). This type of silicone breathing circuit is widely used in the market. A specification with a large demand, when the silicone bellows are assembled with its accessories one by one, a silicone breathing circuit is formed, because this type of pipeline can be directly used with any ventilator anesthesia machine (standard), because silicone breathing in the industry The circuit connector is also made of silicone molded, and the silicone has excellent expansion and retraction holding force and will hug it tightly, so that the bellows of any specification can be installed on the ventilator through the connector in the accessory, that is These characteristics of expansion and expansion of silicone are used. In addition, there are some differences between the adult silicone breathing circuit ventilator and the major accessories of the anesthesia machine, but the principle is to transport gas.

product specification

Technical parameters of ventilator silicone bellows
material High-life special silicone
color transparent
Hardness (shore C) Inner wall 50°, outer wall 70°
Density (g/cm3) 1.2±0.1
Tear strength (KN/m) 25
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥7.8
Elongation at break (%) ≥360
Temperature range (°C) -40~200°
odor none
Flame retardant (UL-94) HB
bending radius 100mm folds smoothly
Compression permanent change 100 degrees * 22H parking 24H compression 25% ≤3%
Environmental standards ROHS、FDA、LFGB

Business advantage

  • Self-produced silicone raw materials

  • Self-produced silicone accessories

  • First-class R&D team

  • Efficient Engineering Team

  • ISO quality management certification

Accept a large number of OEM and ODM orders

  • custom size

  • color customization

  • performance customization

Silicone also has these properties

  • Low temperature resistance -40--60 degrees
  • High temperature resistance 200-300 degrees
  • Wear-resistant
  • Aging resistance
  • Tear resistance and high resilience
  • anti-static
  • Ozone resistant
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • flame retardant
  • conductive
  • Anti-UV
  • Thermal insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption
  • Wide application: medical ventilator, anesthesia machine, etc.

    Regular products are shipped immediately after ordering, and special specifications are customized

  • Any color can be adjusted on demand

    The surface of silicone products can be sprayed, screen printed, laser engraved, transferred


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