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Communication shielding conductive silicone strip
  • Communication shielding conductive silicone strip
  • Communication shielding conductive silicone strip
  • Communication shielding conductive silicone strip

Communication shielding conductive silicone strip

Shielding conductive silicone strips are used in communication, mobile chassis, and other devices, playing three main roles: shielding, conducting, and sealing. At the same time, a special layer of material can be wrapped on the surface of the silicone to make it possess these characteristics. They can shield some external electromagnetic waves from disturbing normal communication inside the communication equipment, and also shield the electromagnetic waves that spread outward inside the communication equipment, making product communication more secure.

Product Features

Surface wrapping materials are divided into nickel carbon, silver aluminum, each material has its own characteristics

Support back glue (need to provide double-sided tape model)

Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance

Excellent pressure change performance and dust and water vapor sealing performance

Support counterpart bonding and special packaging

Good affinity, whether it is in communication equipment or metal mobile chassis

  The shielding conductive silicone strip is made of silica gel extrusion and then combined with secondary processing. The silica gel strip is first extruded to produce the silica gel strip, and then the nickel carbon, silver and aluminum powder particles are sprayed on the surface of the silica gel, so that the silica gel can inherit its own unique characteristics. In addition, it also has some special properties such as partial conductive shielding. In addition, only the sprayed nickel-carbon and silver-aluminum sides have this feature, while the area that is not glued with silver-aluminum and nickel-carbon only has the characteristics of sealing and waterproofing. It can be seen that Conductive and shielding features are concentrated on the painted surface only.
Product features:
1. Good electromagnetic shielding and volume resistivity (shielding performance: 110DB) (volume resistivity: 0.02~0.04Ω*cm)
2. Excellent sealing performance, and the waterproof level can be as high as IP67 with the correct waterproof structure
3. High-precision online inspection strictly guarantees that every manufactured product is qualified, and the dimensional tolerance and product performance are within the required range.
4. The product is made of high-quality silicone with the traditional tensile strength and elongation at break of silicone.
5. Silicone products have good permanent deformation, and the product will not lose its original elasticity when it is pressed and sealed in the chassis for a long time, even if the internal failure of the product is repaired The shielding conductive silicone strip will also quickly rebound to the original size without needing to be replaced again.
6. Easy to use, the product is made of adhesive backing, and it can be used by tearing off the double-sided adhesive and snapping it into the sealing groove of the communication chassis without other operations.
  Because the shielding conductive silicone strip has many characteristics, it is called a new polymer silicone product in the industry. With the continuous improvement of the technology, we have not given up from the relatively fixed size specification in the early days to the personalized customization today. Up to now, several products have been successfully developed according to the shape and contour required by customers, some of which are shielded conductive silicone strips compounded by special processes on the surface, some of which are directly extruded with conductive micro-particles and silica gel, and some are directly on the surface of silica gel Spraying, etc., the product shape has also developed from the early single "mouth" shape to the current round, semicircular, E-shaped, Japanese-shaped and other shapes, and new styles are still being developed.


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