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What process does foaming silicone sealing strip belong to? How many processes are there for silicone products?

 Foamed silicone seals have been used in many fields, such as foamed silicone seals for wall washers , high temperature resistant foamed silicone seals for coating machines, foamed seals for small appliances, door and window seals, etc. Because silicone products are soft, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, high and low temperature resistant and many other advantages. So how many production processes are there in the mainstream of the silicone products market?
  1. Silicone extrusion: Representative products include ( food-grade silicone tube , foamed silicone sealing strip, LED neon strip silicone sleeve , silicone foam tube , silicone braided tube ) The principle is to extrude regular, long strips through an extrusion machine type products, but with the development of technology, extrusion technology is becoming more and more important in the market. The tubular and strip products of extrusion technology can be cut, bonded, weaved, oil sprayed, laser engraved, silk screen, etc. a post-processing process. In the production process, there are also products that are extruded together with other types of products, such as co-extrusion, wrapping extrusion, etc. In terms of production cost, the investment in the extrusion process mold fee is very small, generally around several hundred to one thousand yuan (the actual situation depends on the simplicity of the product structure, the product quality is controllable, the unit price is average, and it is suitable for promotion and use). Extruded products are widely used in food, medical, industry, and small household appliances.
  2. Silicone molding: Representative products (silicone buttons, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone masks, irregular and shapeless products) molding process is the most common in the silicone products market, and the largest market share is very common in daily life. It is mainly made of silicone molds. Through the mold, a certain pressure is applied to the high-temperature vulcanization machine. After a few minutes, the demoulding product can be basically formed. The molding process is a rapidly developing process in the silicone field, and the quality of the produced products is reliable. It is the best choice for volume. In terms of production cost, the molding process needs to be precisely matched with the mold, so the cost of the mold is slightly higher, generally ranging from a thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the product quality is stable. Several pieces can be produced in one mold, and the unit price of the product is beautiful. Molded products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, in daily life.
  3. Silicone calendering: Representative products (silicone sheet, meshed silicone foam sheet, thermal silica sheet, silicone foot pad) calendering is a sheet extruded by a communication machine, and its longitudinal and transverse physical and mechanical properties are different. Significant difference, this phenomenon is called calendering effect. Can carry out a variety of secondary processing such as stamping, laser engraving, silk screen printing, water transfer printing and so on. And it can make calendered foam sheet. In terms of production cost (the cost of knife mold is low, the unit price of excellent products is average), the hardness of matte surface and smooth surface can also be customized. It is mainly used in daily life, electronics, and electrical.
  4. Silicone injection: representative products (bottle nipples, medical catheters, breathing circuits, construction industry) silicone injection is also called liquid silicone, which is close to the plastic molding process, but silicone injection is a thermal vulcanization process, and its products are flexible Very high, excellent comfort, very suitable for mid-to-high-end products, especially the parts that are in contact with the human body. Because the burning of liquid silicone is non-toxic and harmless, it will not affect the human body. In terms of production cost (silicone injection molds are very precise, so the unit price of the mold product is slightly expensive, and the unit price of the product is slightly expensive) because the silicone injection process products mainly go to the mid-to-high-end market and have high requirements for suppliers. They are mainly used in food and medical care, maternal and child products, Building craft, etc.
  5. Silicone filling and coating: representative products (mobile phone cases, silicone gloves, silicone wallets, LED sleeve glue filling, electronic product sealing) This process is not well known in the market, but it can also be seen in daily life. Filling is divided into potting and injection molding. It is mainly used for smooth or simple aspects without too many requirements. Its production cost is lower, and the added value of the product is less. Coating process is to apply special silicone on the surface of various products such as gloves. The main point of the product is rapid vulcanization, fast bonding and integration with other items.