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What process does foaming silicone sealing strip belong to? How many processes are there for silicone products?

 As the name suggests, silicone drainage tube is a product that can be used freely in the drainage industry, because third-party platforms such as rehabilitation institutions need to provide consistent elastic materials for every patient and person in need. And it can be applied in a variety of environments and can be applied to a variety of equipment, breathing circuits, NSF catheters, etc. Because the drainage silicone tube can pass the biocompatibility report and meet multiple tests such as LFGB and FDA.
  Why can the drainage silicone tube achieve this achievement in the drainage industry? From the following reasons.
1. Silicone can pass the biocompatibility report, and can be directly implanted into the human body under certain circumstances, such as silicone bone tools, capillary silicone blood vessels, etc.
2. The physical and chemical properties of the silicone tube are stable, non-toxic, tasteless and non-reactive, in line with USP, CTI, VI and other standards.
3. High and low temperature resistance can be used in the infusion heating industry, and can also be used in the sealing strip industry of special refrigerators. It can be used freely in the environment of -40~200°, and can be customized for special silica gels such as -60~300°.
4. Easy to process and customize production. The process of silicone is divided into stamping, molding, injection molding, and extrusion to produce products of various shapes, such as breathing circuits, silicone plugs, medical gaskets, medical silicone catheters, etc.
5. Various colors can be made, and color is a very important option in drainage equipment and use. For example, blue and cyan are generally used in wards.
6. Silica gel is environmentally friendly and recyclable. In today's society, there are countless medical consumable wastes. Some special wastes are very troublesome to dispose of. Silica gel will not affect the environment and human body.