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Application of food grade silicone tubing in daily life, daily necessities, and kitchen and bathroom

 Food-grade silicone tubes can be seen everywhere in life, such as food-grade straws for baby bottles, food-grade silicone braided tubes for coffee machines, etc. From these aspects, it can be seen that silica gel is a convenient, safe and stable production material. Because silicone is a flexible material and can be made into a foamed sponge structure, it feels very soft and can be used to replace traditional plastic tubes. Why is this? Because plastic pipes or ceramic pipes, and other pipes are relatively hard, they are easy to cause damage to the human body in daily life and are harmful to the environment. Food-grade silicone tubes can perfectly solve these problems.
  How practical is the food grade silicone tube ?
1. The silicone material is resistant to beatings in daily life and is not afraid of breaking.
2. It has good high and low temperature resistance -40~200°, because this feature is needed no matter in industry or in life. 3.
High transparency, the food-grade silicone tube is manufactured by precipitation method. The transparent part makes it look high-end and atmospheric.
4. No yellowing, transparent tubes in daily life are easy to yellow, while silicone tubes will not because of the addition of defrosting agents in the production process of silicone.
5. Long service life, because its chemical volatilization is stable and will not be affected in various environments. Its service life is generally more than 3 years, except for special environments.