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What is the market development prospects for extruded silicone foam pipes/strips?

   Silicone foam strips and silicone foam tubes are produced through special processes. They are mainly made of raw material mixed rubber + vulcanizing agent vulcanized at high temperature. They have the characteristics of good flexibility, low density, and small compression permanent deformation. Then silicone foam strips, foam tubes and other products are widely used in lamps, daily necessities, fitness equipment, mechanical seals, and other industries. Mainly because it has the excellent properties of silicone rubber and sponge products at the same time. It not only has the high elasticity of rubber latex, but also has the characteristics of heat insulation and shock absorption.
    Silicone foam strips and silicone foam tubes are mostly used for waterproof, shock absorption, sealing, sound insulation, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, and other situations with high performance requirements. Silicone foam adopts cell structure, and currently the extrusion of silica gel is mainly based on closed-cell foam. The representative product is the foam sealing component of the new energy lithium battery , because the lithium battery must maintain an excellent waterproof and dustproof effect during the process, and easy to heat and spontaneous combustion is one of the main problems of the lithium battery. Since the application of silicone The foam material is used as a sealing component, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the new energy lithium battery.
   At the same time, foamed silicone strips, silicone foam tubes and other products are also widely used in LED lamps, such as silicone foam sealing strips for wall washers , silicone foam strips for spotlights, and silicone foam cushions for flat panel lights. It is mainly used to prevent light leakage, dustproof, increase air tightness, waterproof (IP68), flame retardant, temperature resistance and other structural treatments.